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Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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What is Quantum Healing?​

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon which she has developed and refined over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world. I have taken training with Dolores and I am certified to practice her method for my own clients.

Some people might better understand the term "Past Life Regression", and that is exactly how QHH started, with exploration of Past Lives.  But it has become much more than that. Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are available to experience.  Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit Side. Some people explore past events in this life that will have special meaning to their current circumstances.  Every life has a purpose. Every life has a lesson.   Each experience is unique to the individual and limitless in its scope.  QHH focuses on the concept that the client, when relaxed into the Theta state through visualization, will go to "the most appropriate time and place" to address any requests for healing or answers to current life issues.


What can you expect from a session?


      Rochester/Canandaigua, NY  and The Villages, Fl

      Tel: 585-354-4460

My Services

Prior to the session, please prepare a list of questions.  These may encompass personal life questions like "Why was/is ______in my life?", "What changes can I make in my life now?", "Is my life aligned to my spiritual path?" to body/health questions like "I've suffered from _______for many years, what can I do to improve this condition?".  Please limit your questions to 10 or under.


Interview Portion

We sit down and get to know each other a little bit.  We discuss your list of questions.  What do you want to get out of this experience?  The more I know what your journey has been like, the better questions we can ask your subconscious or higher self.



I will take you through a visualization excercise. We are going to ask your conscious mind to step aside for a little bit and relax because we want to get your right-brain fired-up!  This is where your memories and images are stored.  This will get your intuition or inner sight going.


Past Life Exploration

This is the point where your digital recording will begin.  We will explore 1-3 past lives/experiences.  To most people, these present as actual past lives they are experiencing; to some, as movies they are watching.   Your higher self always takes you to an experience that you best respond to and always corresponds to your personal belief system.


Connection with the Subconscious/Higher Self/Higher Guidance

This is a wonderful passage into an expansive energy.  We learn the lessons or purpose of both positive and negative experiences that you have experienced as all have immense value in the progression towards spiritual and personal growth.  At this time, we ask the questions you came with and discuss your physical and health issues for potential healing.


Post Session Communication

This experience is intended to lead you to a more complete and clearer communication between yourself and YOURSELF.  We will spend some time integrating any insights received into your current life to discover a pathway to a more joyous and satisfying way of BEING.  It is my hope that your QHHT experience will bring a realization of greater peace and understanding - which in turn brings self-love, forgiveness, and compassion.  You will be given your recording so that you may continue to benefit from the experience.

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