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Embodiment of your Highest Self, your Soul Self is the opportunity of growth for each life.  Your High Self can become more tangible, more palpable as you create relationship with it.  Some may simply call this "gut" or "intuition"--the label does not matter...What matters is that you begin---begin with a dialogue.  And then you can feel that energy within you...Recognize it and carry it with you...and from there it will grow:  Embodiment

How do you begin?

Create for yourself an inner sanctuary, a sacred space within.  There, imagine a relationship with your Soul, your Higher Self, your intuitive self.  Ask some questions.  What does this connection feel like? Can this relationship grow?  What does your Higher Self want you to know?



QHHT can offer you answers.  By experiencing the Alpha and Theta brain wave states, you can have access to a consciousness that is far more expansive.  Here it is easy and natural to feel the connection to your Soul Self.  Here you can give yourself permission to acknowledge the presence of your Soul Self, ask your questions, and receive answers.  Here you can begin to grow your relationship to Soul embodiment.

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