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There are many resources available for you view regarding Dolores Cannon's QHHT Hypnosis.  Here are a few links to get you started:

Quantum Healing Videos
The video shows a QHHT practitioner explaining what to expect during hypnosis:
Wondering how to prepare for a session?
Open this article for some ideas:
Wondering if you can be hypnotized?

Can You Be Hypnotized??

When, on occasion, clients come to me and state "I don't think I can be hypnotized" I smile and tell them that they experience hypnosis every fact, I tell them, "You would never go to sleep at might if you couldn't be hypnotized". This idea comes from not understanding the true nature of hypnosis. Simply put,hypnosis is a slowing down of brain wave states.

We operate in the Beta brain wave when we are fully engaged in an activity. (Altho scientists tell us we can't maintain this state for longer than 60 seconds at a time!) Our left brain is fully engaged, analyzing & questioning. Ahh, but then, our mind starts to wander...dropping to a slower brain wave state (Alpha). Have you ever made a routine drive when you left your driveway and suddenly you are half-way to your destination? were in Alpha!

The next slowest brain wave state is Theta...and you experience Theta twice a day every day...when you first wake up and just before you fall asleep. In Theta, your left brain (analyzer, problem solver) is very relaxed and you are mostly operating out of your right brain where you experience symbols and images and senses.

And so the job of the hypnotherapist is to take their client down the familiar path of the Alpha & Theta states through visualization and the client can experience and enjoy as much of hypnosis as they wish!…/…/2012/11/Hypnotic.jpg









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