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As a child, I came to recognize that I was always accompanied by a presence, an innate inner guidance.   I didn't know what to call it, but it was my friend, my companion, my parent, my teacher.   It was always there.  I thought everybody operated this way, but as I grew, I found people looked "to the outside"  for answers...   not "the inside".  Reaching late teens and early adulthood, I began to follow suit.  Life got in the way.  Went to college, married, raised a family.  I knew this "presence" was always there, especially during the tough times, but it was not a daily interaction.


Then came a day when I found a book I lived my whole life to read.  "I Am Word" by Paul Selig.  This jolted me back to my inner connection/presence and by coincidence (not) to a method for all people to connect to a pathway to this Higher Self or Higher Consciousness:  Delores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.


How wonderful to be able to tap into this higher "knowing".  For most people this is a mysterious and elusive goal.  Yet it is actually our natural state.  It is our birthright, our Pure Self, our connection to All That Is.   Some people have retained this ability throughout their life, but most of us had it conditioned out of us as children.  How to get it back?  For some, persistent and dedicated meditation is the key;   QHHT also offers a clear and concise pathway.


Whatever way it is accessed, the results can be simply miraculous.  Healing and pure insight comes in the form of ideas, visions, or clarity.  Your higher consciousness is your Best Self, your Smartest, Wisest Self, your Intuitive Self and is always loving and operates for the highest good.  More and more people are realizing their abiliity to tap into this aspect of themselves which is also connected to collective consciousness. The more people that do, the more we realize that we are all part of one loving intelligence that is always connected.


What Do I Want For You


To Know:

  • There are higher levels of Consciousness and they are available for everybody

       You can "jumpstart" to your natural evolution:  Higher Consciousness

  • You are already your "perfect self". You are your own gift to yourself!  There is no judgement on your choices and experiences ...they are lessons towards your personal and spiritual growth.

  • You have a natural pathway to your "perfect self" can learn to recognize it when it speaks.

  • For so long we humans have looked outside ourselves for answers, when all we need to know is:  everything we need is Indwelling and  All answers lie within




Karol Mroczek

QHH Practitioner

Past Life Regressionist

Ordained Minister



About Me


"There will become a time in which you will begin to be taught from within for this is where TRUTH resides."

         The Book of Love and Creation


Stairway to HigherSelf seeks to provide those steps towards increased self-knowledge and personal revelations of a Divine plan that lead to a transition to eventual enlightenment.  I have trained directly with Dolores Cannon and am recognized as a Dedicated Practitioner within the Dolores Cannon community.  As a certified practitioner, I practice Quantum Healing in the Rochester/Canandaigua and surrounding areas, NY as well as The Villages, Florida.

"If you believe what you see before you now is your only landscape - then that is all you have.  But if you believe your environment is larger - beyond what you can see - then higher consciousness is available to you."

                                     I Am Word

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